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A brand new comic about 3 jobless friends doing random things in random places. That's it. The comic is actually more of like the loony toons where it does really anything but has recurring characters. It actually consists of three subseries. The main one, called R'Universe about well what I just said. The Rejectables, which is random comics parodying any franchise. Lastly, Alvin a tribute to Calvin and Hobbes that actually hasn't come out yet, but is in production.



The Main Character of the comic. He is a pun loving hardcore videogame player who is extremely smart. He draws comics and is the only person who can keep a steady job. However, he has a short temper with ignorance or idiots (Despite have Dan for his best Friend). He also constantly makes fun of Jared and seems to have a rivalry/hatred for him. Owner of the household and all the pets as well as a comic book store. He is called by his nickname but refuses to divulge his real name. He says that he is not the creator of the comic Rushi Desai. Also he is freakin' violent so do not and I mean do not tick him off cause he will use that rage filled genius.


Red's best friend, despite being a moron. Moved in with Red and brought his other friend Jared along (despite Red's likeness.) Loves videogames but is not nearly as hardcore. Sees everything as gumdrops and Rainbows and keeps a very innocent mind. However, he doesn't realize that he does very destructive things and kills countless of people with Rushi. Has not been able to keep steady dog. Owns a dog and rock.


Daniel's friend and enemy of Red. Is a coward and tends to retreat into videogames to avoid abuse from Red. Often seen depicted with some gaming peripheral. He also has a very imaginative mind, and when wearing his link cap he suddenly gains courage but is very brash. Often is ridiculed for having almost nothing to do with the comic by Red.


Red's pet dog and head of animal mafia. Despite acting and having a manly voice he is indeed female. Often seen lingering in the background peddling drugs. Has his tongue constantly sticking out. Despite his owner's intelligence, he is completely unaware of his dog's activities. Can talk. Best friends with Cooper


Red's duck. Red felt like getting a duck. So he got a duck. The NSA used subliminal messaging to convince him to purchase a duck. This duck was Cooper, the genetically engineered super duck who became police officer at the AKPD (Animal Kingdom Police Department) . His current mission is to track down the head of the animal mafia and was put in Red's household as it was believed that the criminal was living on that street. Best friends with Summer but is completely unaware that she is his target. Cannot talk on quack at random moments as a form of censorship.



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